Same-Day Crowns​ with CEREC®

CEREC® CAD-CAM Machine in New Leaf Rohnert Park
CEREC® Computer Screen

CEREC® Technology

Not many dentists in Rohnert Park have or use the great benefit of CEREC® Technology. But here at New Leaf Rohnert Park our dentists offer this advanced technology to our patients.

CEREC® technology is a tool used by our dentists to scan your teeth and convert the scan into a 3D virtual model. The doctors can then use this model to design your dental restoration that same day. Whether it be an inlay, onlay, crown, cosmetic veneer or bridge, we are able to conservatively restore your damaged tooth or teeth. Our lab is located right in our office so that we can fabricate and shape the tooth chair-side while you wait.

CEREC® Crown in Milling Machine

Same-Day Crowns – Teeth Can Be Restored in a Single Visit

CEREC® technology is an advanced restorative system that saves you time while allowing us to restore decayed teeth, place crowns, remove defective amalgam fillings or place cosmetic veneers in just one appointment. Traditionally, crowns, veneers and bridges are sent out to a lab and patients have to come back 1-2 weeks later to try in their restoration.

During this wait time, patients have a temporary placed until the permanent restoration comes back from an outside lab. But with CEREC®, we are able to make, try in and fit the restoration while working with you to match the tooth to the color and shape of your smile. Your teeth can now be precisely restored back to its natural beauty, function and strength.

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