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When your teeth are in poor condition, you may have a risk of infection or inflammation. If left alone, this can result in pain or even lost teeth. Root canals are frequently the best way to prevent these issues and treat your infection. They are also helpful in the case of chipped teeth or faulty crowns.

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Why choose us for Rohnert Park root canal therapy

Unfortunately, dental decay happens and, if left untreated, it can lead to inflammation, infection, and ultimate tooth loss. Treating a badly decayed tooth is necessary in order to prevent tooth loss. At New Leaf Rohnert Park, our goal is to keep your mouth as healthy as possible, and this often means a root canal is necessary to save a decayed tooth.

We understand that the idea of a root canal can be intimidating to some, but our caring team of dental professionals is here to walk you through every step of the procedure, allowing the dentist to remove the infection and save your tooth. Our cutting-edge technology allows us to create your crown in-house, letting us restore the function of your tooth without the need for additional dental appointments and time out of your busy schedule.

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What Is a Root Canal?

A root canal involves our team removing the infected or inflamed pulp of your teeth. The pulp refers to the inside of your tooth where the nerves and blood vessels are. During a root canal, we carefully clean and disinfect the inside of your tooth. Then, we fill it and seal it. In some cases, Dr. Eddie Kuo may suggest waiting to seal your tooth. If that is the case, we give you a temporary filling in the meantime. In many cases, we will also have to restore your tooth in some way. This may include placing a crown, with or without a post.

To give you a better idea of what tooth pulp is, it is soft tissue. Pulp features nerves, connective tissues, and blood vessels. These help your teeth’s roots grow while developing. Fully developed teeth don’t need the pulp anymore. At this stage, the tissues around it provide enough nourishment.

Root canals have advanced over the years, and they are now relatively pain-free. Many patients even compare them to routine fillings. Root canals are also extremely effective, helping your mouth return to normal.

There are several reasons you may need a root canal. The most common is damaged pulp that can lead to an infection. An infection of the pulp or root canal can cause bone loss by the root’s tip, swelling that spreads, and drainage issues.

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Benefits of Root Canals

Root canals provide a long list of benefits, including:
Saving your natural tooth.
A natural appearance.
Protecting your other teeth from strain and excessive wear.
Removing infection.
Relieving pain.
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Don’t Suffer Through Pain and Infections or Risk Losing Teeth

Patients who need root canals commonly come to us dealing with pain. That pain can be sharp and most commonly occurs when biting or chewing. It is also common to have tooth sensitivity, particularly to cold and hot items. This means you can’t enjoy soup, ice cream, hot coffee, or other favorite foods and drinks with extreme temperatures. You may also have painful gums.

Before a root canal, you may also have to deal with cracked or chipped teeth. Although not always the case, root canals are commonly part of tooth restoration. Some of our patients also have deep decay on their gums or darkening gums before their root canal. You may even have painful pimples on them.

Be on the Path to Healing

A root canal can resolve all of those issues, getting you on the path to healing and chewing comfortably. Root canals help prevent infection and inflammation. This not only improves your oral health, but it also reduces pain and swelling, as well as the risk of visually unappealing gums.

The root canal itself is relatively painless, and many patients go right back to their normal activities. Root canals even tend to have a success rate of over 95%, giving you a great deal of confidence in the future of your teeth.

After you finish healing, which should just take a few days, you will have your natural teeth for a natural smile. You will get back to enjoying your favorite foods and drinks, no matter their temperature. You will not have to deal with pain or tooth sensitivity.

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Our Guarantee to Excellence

As mentioned, root canals have an incredibly high success rate. Thanks to our experience and the effectiveness of the procedure, you are unlikely to have issues during or after the procedure. Whether the root canal is combined with a crown or another treatment, you will be on the road to healing.

We always promise to use our expertise to provide effective treatment with as little pain as possible. We will provide you with recovery instructions, as well, helping you ensure a speedy, relatively painless recovery. Your mouth is in good hands with our dental team.

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Stop dealing with pain and putting yourself at risk of losing teeth. Our dental experts perform root canals in Rohnert Park to help heal your mouth. With our help, you will be on your way to a pain-free and healthy mouth, plus a reduced risk of losing your teeth. 

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