Oral Surgery

Contemplating oral surgery in Rohnert Park to address more complex dental needs?

We recognize that the words “oral surgery” might sound a tad daunting. But with our skilled team and advanced procedures, we ensure a comfortable and smooth experience. Whether it’s wisdom teeth removal, dental implants, or other surgical needs, we’ve got your back.

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Why choose our Rohnert Park oral surgeon

At New Leaf Rohnert Park, we offer a wide range of dental care services, including oral surgery, so there is no need to travel to a separate oral surgeon’s office for treatment. When oral surgery is necessary, you can feel comfortable in the same office as you have your regular dental check-ups.

Our caring and professional dental team will walk you through the entire process. From how to prepare for your oral surgery, understanding the steps of the procedure. And after-care instructions, our dentist will be with you throughout the entire process making sure you feel at ease.

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Oral surgery services

Oral surgery is often necessary for tooth and jaw procedures that require more expertise than that in general dentistry. If, during a routine dental exam, your dentist discovers a decayed tooth requiring an extraction or if you have lost multiple teeth due to decay, they may suggest oral surgery to remove decayed teeth or help to replace missing teeth with a more permanent solution than traditional dentures offer. Some oral surgery procedures we offer at New Leaf Rohnert Park include:
Single Tooth Dental Implant

Dental implants

Dental implants are a permanent alternative to traditional dentures when it comes to replacing missing teeth and giving you back your smile and functionality. An implant screw goes into your gum and jawbone and an artificial tooth or crown fits on top, giving you back a natural looking tooth and promoting jaw strength.

All-On-4 Implant Parts

All-on-4 implants

Traditional dental implants replace a single tooth on a single titanium screw. All-On-4 implants offer a solution for either the full upper or lower jaw. Four screws are strategically placed so that they can support a full set of teeth, similar to a denture. However, this denture alternative is permanent, with no worries of slippage or difficulty eating.

Lower Arch Dentures


Are you tired of messy adhesives and denture slippage when talking or eating? Overdentures offer a solution. These removable dentures allow you to soak and clean overnight, similar to traditional dentures, but titanium posts in the jaw locks them in place once you click them in. Not only do overdentures offer a more natural-feeling denture, the titanium screws also help to reduce bone loss in the jaw.

Tooth Extractions in Rohnert Park CA

Tooth extractions

As an adult, you don’t want to lose teeth, however, sometimes tooth extraction is necessary. Whether you need a tooth removed due to serious decay or to reduce overcrowding before orthodontic treatment, surgically removing a tooth is often necessary.

Bone Grafting in Rohnert Park CA

Bone grafting

Oftentimes, with tooth loss comes bone loss in the jaw. If you are considering dental implants, they require enough bone to support the implant. If you have experienced significant bone loss, a bone graft procedure can help build new bone, allowing you to have dental implants put into place.

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Benefits of Oral Surgery

You don’t have to let decayed or missing teeth make you hide your smile or put you at risk for further dental and health complications. Oral surgery procedures can give you back your smile and offer a wide range of benefits, including:
Improved self-confidence.
Improved oral health.
Replacing missing teeth can help make eating and drinking easier.
Prevention of bone loss in the jaw.
Reduce risk of spreading decay and infection.

Our Guarantee to Excellence

At New Leaf Rohnert Park, we know the idea of oral surgery can be intimidating. Our caring surgical staff will guide you through every step of the process, making sure you understand the procedure and are at ease. Our goal is to do everything to promote good oral health and give you a beautiful smile you can be proud of.
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If you are suffering with decayed teeth that need removal or are already missing teeth and are looking for a permanent replacement, oral surgery may be right for you.

To learn more about how oral surgery can help restore your oral health and give you your smile back, contact New Leaf Rohnert Park to schedule a consultation today and take the first step towards a healthy and beautiful smile.


What is oral surgery?

Oral surgery refers to a variety of surgical procedures performed on the mouth, jaw, face, and surrounding tissues. These procedures can address issues such as impacted teeth, dental implants, jaw problems, facial injuries, or oral cancer. Oral surgeons are dental specialists who have completed additional training to perform these complex procedures.

What are some common types of oral surgery?

Some common types of oral surgery include:

  • Tooth extractions: Removing teeth that are impacted, damaged, or causing crowding.
  • Wisdom tooth removal: Removing impacted or problematic wisdom teeth to prevent pain, infection, or damage to neighboring teeth.
  • Dental implants: Surgically placing a metal post into the jawbone to support an artificial tooth.
  • Jaw surgery: Correcting issues with the jaw, such as misalignment or deformities.
  • Bone grafting: Rebuilding or strengthening the jawbone to support dental implants or other restorations.
  • Oral cancer treatment: Removing cancerous growths or affected tissue from the mouth or surrounding areas.

How do I know if I need oral surgery?

You may need oral surgery if you have a dental issue that can’t be treated with more conservative methods, such as tooth extractions, jaw problems, or oral cancer. Your general dentist will typically refer you to an oral surgeon if they believe you need specialized care. The oral surgeon will then evaluate your condition and determine if surgery is the best course of action for your specific needs.

Is oral surgery painful?

Oral surgery is typically performed under local anesthesia, sedation, or general anesthesia to minimize pain and discomfort during the procedure. Your oral surgeon will discuss the best anesthesia option for you based on your medical history and the complexity of the surgery. After the surgery, you may experience some pain, swelling, and discomfort, but this can usually be managed with prescribed pain medications and self-care measures, such as ice packs and rest.

How much does oral surgery cost?

The cost of oral surgery can vary widely depending on the type of procedure, the complexity of the case, and where you live. Simple tooth extractions can cost between $75 and $450, while impacted wisdom tooth removal can range from $225 to $2,000 per tooth. Dental implant surgery can cost between $1,500 and $6,000 per implant, and jaw surgery can range from $20,000 to $40,000. Many dental insurance plans cover at least part of the cost of oral surgery, so be sure to check with your insurance provider and oral surgeon to find out how much your treatment will cost.

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