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Thinking about a deep dental cleaning in Rohnert Park to give your gums and teeth the extra attention they deserve?

We go the extra mile when it comes to ensuring your oral health. Our deep dental cleaning targets those stubborn areas, helping to combat plaque and tartar, particularly below the gumline.

Eager to give your mouth a thorough makeover? Click the button below or reach out to New Leaf Rohnert Park. Let’s work together to ensure every part of your mouth feels clean and refreshed!

Why choose us for Rohnert Park deep dental cleaning

Here at New Leaf Rohnert Park, we offer a wide range of dental treatments designed to help you keep a healthy smile. While regular brushing and flossing is a great start for good oral hygiene, dental cleanings are essential to remove build-up left behind on the teeth. However, in patients suffering with gum disease, a regular cleaning is not enough to improve your oral health and a deep cleaning is necessary.

Choosing the right dentist for your oral care is important and at our office, we strive to make you feel comfortable and help you understand your dental concerns. We work with you to create an individualized treatment plan that addresses potential gum disease and moves forward to restore good oral health.

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Deep Dental Cleaning in Rohnert Park CA

The Benefits of Deep Cleanings

Gum disease can be very detrimental to your oral health, as well as your overall health. If left untreated, severe gum disease can weaken the connective tissue, leading to tooth loss. Deep cleanings address the infection, providing many benefits, including:
Improving or eliminating gum disease.
Preventing tooth loss.
Preventing cavities.
Preventing bad breath.
Reducing tooth staining.
Improving oral health.
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How Deep Cleanings Can Make a Difference

Do you experience bleeding when you brush or floss your teeth? Are your gums sensitive to the touch or red and swollen? Do you experience bad breath, even after brushing your teeth? Have you noticed your teeth shifting in position? These are some of the symptoms of gum disease and put you at risk for tooth loss. But it isn’t too late. A deep cleaning at New Leaf Rohnert Park can help address these issues and get you back on the road to good oral health.

Cleanings Keep Your Smile Healthy

Don’t let gum disease keep you from smiling any longer. At New Leaf Rohnert Park, we will provide a thorough exam which includes intra oral photography. This specialized photo technique allows you to see the damage that gum disease is causing and helps us to better create a treatment plan, including deep cleanings, that will have you flashing a beautiful smile in no time.
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The New Leaf Guarantee

At New Leaf Rohnert Park, we understand that a visit to the dentist can cause anxiety and stress, especially if you suffer with dental concerns. We strive to make sure your dental experience is stress-free and as comfortable as possible. Our goal is to provide you with an individualized treatment plan to address your dental concerns and promote optimal oral health, allowing you to put your best smile forward.
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Don’t let gum disease take over and risk losing your teeth. If you are experiencing symptoms of gum disease, contact New Leaf Rohnert Park today to request an appointment and let us help you get back on the road to a healthy, beautiful smile.


What is a deep dental cleaning?

Standard dental cleanings work to remove build-up left behind on the surface of your teeth that brushing and flossing can’t remove. When you have gum disease, that surface removal is not enough. If you suffer from gum disease, x-rays will reveal calculus buildup, possible bone loss and pockets between the gums and teeth where bacteria collect and cause chronic and systemic infection. A deep cleaning, including scaling and root planing, are necessary to address these issues and help restore healthy gums and teeth.

Dr. Eddie Kuo understands that this treatment may leave some a little anxious, but our goal is to make sure you feel comfortable during the procedure. A deep cleaning begins with a local anesthetic to help reduce discomfort while we work to remove the buildup on your teeth and perform pocket irrigation to remove the pockets of bacteria. In cases of severe periodontitis, multiple cleanings may be necessary to help restore good oral health.

How is a deep dental cleaning different from a regular dental cleaning?

A regular dental cleaning, or prophylaxis, focuses on removing plaque and tartar from the visible surfaces of the teeth and along the gumline. A deep dental cleaning goes a step further by targeting the deep pockets between the teeth and gums where periodontal disease occurs. This procedure not only removes plaque and tartar but also smooths the tooth roots to help promote gum reattachment and improve gum health.

When is a deep dental cleaning necessary?

A deep dental cleaning is necessary for patients with periodontal disease, as it helps to remove the harmful bacteria and tartar buildup that contribute to gum inflammation and bone loss. By removing these deposits and smoothing the tooth roots, a deep dental cleaning can help prevent the progression of gum disease and reduce the risk of tooth loss and other complications.

What can I expect during a deep dental cleaning procedure?

During a deep dental cleaning, your dentist or dental hygienist will:

  • Apply a local anesthetic to numb the area being treated.
  • Use specialized instruments, such as an ultrasonic scaler or hand scaler, to gently remove plaque and tartar deposits from the surfaces of your teeth and below the gumline.
  • Smooth the roots of your teeth with a curette or other specialized instrument, removing rough spots that can harbor bacteria and contribute to gum inflammation.
  • Rinse your mouth with an antimicrobial solution to help flush out any remaining bacteria and debris.

The procedure may be performed in one or multiple appointments, depending on the extent of the gum disease and the patient’s comfort level.

Are there any side effects or discomfort associated with deep dental cleanings?

Deep dental cleanings should not be painful, as a local anesthetic is used to numb the area being treated. However, you may experience some mild discomfort or sensitivity during and after the procedure, particularly if you have deep gum pockets or sensitive teeth. Some patients may also experience minor gum swelling, bleeding, or tenderness following the procedure. These side effects are usually temporary and should resolve within a few days. If you’re concerned about discomfort, be sure to discuss this with your dental professional, who can take additional measures to ensure your comfort during the procedure.

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